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Is Marco Island Boring?

Posted by Dan Boyle on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 at 9:14am.

Marco Island Boring

"Is Marco Island boring?" Someone asked me this question the other day.  Certainly, no one will confuse Marco Island with Las Vegas.  There are no night clubs here. No strip clubs. No casinos. College kids looking for a wild place to go for Spring Break will not choose Marco.  Mickey Mouse isn't here.  So yes, I guess Marco Island might be "boring."  In fact, I know it is.

Lounging around the pool watching the palm trees sway in the breeze is boring. Of course, playing golf in your shorts in January is not nearly as exciting as sliding sideways down an icy road west of Chicago.  The sweet aroma of our flowers will never compare to the plethora of odors you'll encounter on the streets of New York City.

All kidding aside, Marco Island was carefully designed to be exactly what it is.  It's an island paradise.  It's a front row seat to nature.  It's having a beer with friends on your lanai while grilling the fish you just reeled in or heading out to one of our world-class restaurants instead.  It's watching the sunset for the 3000th time with your honey.  Marco Island, more than anything, is about "quality of life."

This place is a pristine, peaceful residential community.  We have a few luxury hotels here with all the accouterments but this place was built for the residents - either permanent or part-timers.  The people that decide to purchase their own piece of the island do it because Marco Island offers something that other places like Sarasota, Miami and Destin don't - an escape.  Marco Island is an escape from traffic, an escape from attitudes, an escape from the all of the headaches that you have foolishly tolerated heretofore.

Is Marco Island boring?  You're damn right it is!

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