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January 2013

Found 10 blog entries for January 2013.

If you're on our website, you're probably thinking about buying property in Florida. Most of you have probably looked around Florida and already decided on Marco Island, but some of you may still be undecided.  There are so many great towns out there like St. Augustine, Vero Beach, Key West, Clearwater, Sarasota and a dozen more.  They're all different, but they're all great Florida towns.  Deciding where to land when you make the leap can be tough.

Sarasota Is The Best?

I was in your shoes not too long ago.  My wife and I had decided that Sarasota would be the best place to finally start our Florida lives.  Twenty years in the making, we were finally going to do it.  We had vacationed down here so many times, we lost count. We loved Florida, but

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Huron Cove Boating Condo on Marco Island

This week's hot listing comes to us from the South End area on Marco Island.  The South End is really about boating condos.  There are inland condos and stunning condos on the Gulf of Mexico in this area also, but the bulk of Marco Island's boating condos are located on the South End.

So, what is a boating condo you may ask.  It is simply a condo with boat slips on the property.  Since the South End is entirely "water-direct", bridge clearance for you boat is not an issue.  Also, the Gulf of Mexico is only a few minutes from any property by boat.

This week's hot listing is in Huron Cove.  This two bedroom / 2.5 bath condo has been viewed by more people this week on than any other listing.  I'll tell you why I think this condo is

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Marco Inn Villas

We've been saying for a year now that the low-end of the market has been evaporating and it has even picked up pace.  In November, there were 6 shingle-family homes available o the market. Now - they're all gone.  The lowest priced home on the island is priced at $215,000.  The same phenomenom is playing out in condos as well.  The lower priced stuff is getting gobbled up.  This weeks hot listing was just listed and has already become the most popular listing on our site.

This listing is so hot because its a two bedroom two bath condo on the water for $209,000.  Located in Marco Inn Villas in Olde Marco, this unit has water views, allows small pets and is a two-minute walk from Snook Inn and other great restaurants.  Besides that, Marco Inn Villas

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2012 Housing StatsOf course, the real estate market here on Marco Island has shown strength in every category for a year now.  The national market has done well too.  It looks as if 2012 will mark the long-awaited turn-around.  Both home sales and prices rose almost every month of the year.  The market was very attractive to buyers and investors all year with record low interest rates, affordable prices and a shrinking inventory.  I think it was this shrinking inventory that prompted so many buyers to leave the sidelines here on Marco Island.

The median sales price is the stat we use to track price appreciation.  Especially in a small market like Marco Island, this statistic is less subject to unrealistic skewing when compared to average sales price.  For the country as

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Marco Island real estate stats and chartsOur real estate market on Marco Island is unique in many ways.  The value of our property is well above average.  The age of our typical customer is a little higher than average.  Heck, our market really doesn't relate much at all to the average American real estate market but I'm going to share this with you anyway.  Sometimes it's valuable to see the big picture so you can find a perspective on the Marco Island real estate market.

The graphic above was intended for real estate agents but there are some interesting stats within it that you might find interesting.  The most interesting for me is the percentage of people that use a real estate agent.  It's 89%, up from 69% in 2001.  So, in the age of the internet, Realtors are becoming more necessary,

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Marco Island Affordable Homes

Our broker passed along an interesting article today.  In it Ms. Cho explains that the Housing Affordability Index is at an all-time high - and high is good in this case.  It reinforces what I've been telling people all year, "anybody that buys in 2013 will consider themselves a genius in the near future."  The prices combined with mortgage rates have created great opportunities to buy real estate.  In fact, the buyers in town now are saying, "it's a safe time to buy all you can."  If the past is any indication of the future, Marco Island real estate prices are too cheap and appreciation is assured.  The only question is how much?

I've got the rest of the article below.  Feel free to comment.  I'd love to hear what you guys are thinking about the

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I just wanted to update everyone on all the great changes that are underway at RE/MAX Affinity Plus on Marco Island. We are excited about our new location which will be in the Marco Walk Shopping Center later this Spring.  Currently, we are located in an incredible temporary location a couple doors up from Marco Walk in the same building with Stonewalls Cafe (551 S Collier Blvd.).  You may know Stonewalls for their awesome pastries and coffee.  Dinner there is tasty as well.  Come in the front door and take the elevator on the left to RE/MAX.

In order to clear up some confusion regarding our location,  I need to explain a few things.  We are no longer located across from The Esplanade.  Despite the fact that RE/MAX signs still hang there, RE/MAX

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People that buy homes on Marco Island have usually fallen in love with Marco's small town feel and its quaint vibe.  It's often called paradise or heaven.  Nothing can be all things to everyone, though. Some people, and you may be one of them, want things that Marco Island may not offer.  You may love Marco for shopping, dining, fishing or a million other reasons but you might yearn for a country club atmosphere with all of the accoutrements.  You might want to play golf everyday on a world-class golf course.  You might want to have a beer on your deck while overlooking a world-class golfcourse.  You may want to stroll down to the club for an amazing dinner by the resort pool.  While these things are all available in various places on Marco Island,

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south seas east marco islandHappy New Year shoppers!  Every week or so we take a look at the most visited listing on our website and tell you about it.  We figure that there must be some reason that a particular property is suddenly getting so much attention and you should know about it.  This week's most popular listing is in one of my favorite condo communities on the island, South Seas.

This unit is in South Seas East, a mid-rise condominium directly on stunning Clam Bay.  It is a penthouse unit and has the views you dream of when you think of Marco Island.  The unit has been well-maintained and has an updated kitchen.  When you think about it, very few properties on Marco Island offer what South Seas does.  Beach access and boat docks don't coexist here.  You have to choose one

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Real Estate Stats Marco IslandHappy New Year everybody! 2013 is here and 2012 is now in the record books.  Today, I'm going to open the Marco Island MLS record book and share some stats with you on what can only be described as an incredible year.  Prices are up. Volume is up. Spirits are up.  The market has turned around solidly.

Over the last few years, we all have been attempting to read the tea leaves to determine when the bottom of the market had been finally reached.  From early 2006 until 2009,  we watched the Florida real estate market free-fall.  Prices plummeted.  Foreclosures skyrocketed.  There seemed to be no bottom. Finally in mid-2009, the free-fall subsided and prices have started to stabilize slightly but still were creeping lower.  Any tiny spike was proclaimed

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