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Great Deals in Fiddler's Creek

Posted by Dan Boyle on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 at 1:18pm.

Fiddlers Creek

Fiddler's Creek is a unique community in southwest Florida.  There really is nothing quite like it.  This 3900-acre development is packed with every amenity imaginable, two world-class golf courses, a club house and pool that are nothing short of Florida fantasy and to top it all off, it's very affordable.

"I don't believe it," you say.  "How can it really be that great and still be affordable."  Well, in 2007, as the Florida real estate market began to flounder, Fiddler's Creek developers lost critical financing.  Ultimately, they were forced to file bankruptcy despite a giant cash infusion from investors.  Construction ceased and Fiddler's Creek was in critical condition. 

Now, Fiddler's has emerged from their financial troubles.  Property is selling briskly and new construction is everywhere.  Big builders like Lennar and D.R.Horton have purchased millions of dollars in lots and are waisting no time in constructing some fantastic luxury homes.

I'm recommending Fiddler's Creek to everyone now because the opportunity to grab insane deals here is going the way of the Dodo bird. Buyer's now are taking advantage of the stigma that still remains as a result of the bankruptcy.  This stigma was in full effect a year ago, prior to Fiddler's emergence from their financial woes.  Now, it is quickly being forgotten and more and more buyers don't even care when we inform them of it. 

It's simply difficult to imagine any dowside risk as you stroll through this epic development and see all the new construction. You don't have to be a real estate insider to see the value in this place. Where can you buy a luxurious, three-bedroom condo for less than $150,000?  Where on earth can you buy one in a neighborhood that has dozens of million-dollar homes and some over $2MM? 

You want to be a genius?  Buy in Fiddler's Creek in 2013.  You want to feel the nausia of a missed opportunity? Don't.

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