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8 Things to Consider when Buying a Waterfront Home

Posted by Dan Boyle on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 at 8:52am.

Row of waterfront homesAre you looking to buy a waterfront home? If so there are a lot of things to consider. From how the view can impact the value of a home to who you might see in your backyard, another person or an alligator. Below is a list of 8 things to consider when buying a waterfront home, sometimes waterfront living might be the best option and other times it might not. We'll make sure you're fully informed so you can make the best real estate decision when buying real estate on Marco Island.

The View

Not all views are equal! Does the home have an ocean view, lake view, man-made lake view or a canal view? The type of view a home has can impact its overall value and understanding the pricing differences is imperative.

Type of Usage

Before jumping into the water know whether or not you can or should. It's important to find out if you can swim in the water, if anyone else can swim in the water, will there be boaters or alligators? Not everyone wants to buy a waterfront home and watch strangers playing outside their back door, which leads to the next thing to consider, privacy.


Living on the water may provide less privacy and understanding how much or how little privacy there will be is crucial. Is there any easements or public access points between the home and water? Can anyone walk on these easements behind the property? Can a fence be installed around the home? Some homes are located in communities that will not allow fences if the home is located on a waterfront lot while others may allow fences with restrictions.


The climate for waterfront homes can vary, it all depends on the location and type of water the home is situated on. If the home is on the ocean the weather may be a little cooler with more moisture in the air. However, if the home is situated on a man-made lake the climate will most likely be the same as the home's climate across the street not on the lake.


The cost of homeowners insurance can vary greatly for waterfront homes and the type of insurance needed can vary too. Most insurance agents will be more than happy to provide an estimate for homeowners insurance and it's highly recommended obtaining this information prior to submitting an offer so there are no surprises.


Additional maintenance may be required for a waterfront home, so it's essential to find out how the water will impact the home. Will the salt from the ocean impact the exterior of the home? Salt in the air can cause corrosion on metal surfaces; patio furniture, BBQ's, outside decorations. Can insects or animals from the canal damage the exterior of the home? Home maintenance can add up quickly and sometimes homes on the water, depending on the type of water, may need more maintenance than others.

Additional Features

Are there additional features included with the waterfront home for sale, such as a dock or boat slip? Just like the type of view impacts a home's value so will the additional features. Does the home have beach access, is it public or private? Is the dock public or private, who's responsible for maintaining it?

Waterfront Realtor

No matter what type of property you're purchasing you should always hire an agent who not only specializes in your area of interest but sells there too. A top Realtor will know the in's and out's of purchasing a waterfront home and will be able to walk you through the home buying process.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages to owning a home on the water, but there may be a few disadvantages too. So it's important when looking to purchase a waterfront home to understand all of the pros, cons and costs associated with owning a waterfront home.

About the Author

The above real estate article “8 Things to Consider when Buying a Waterfront Home” was written by Michelle Gibson, a top Wellington FL Realtor who has been specializing in residential real estate since 2001. Michelle handles real estate throughout Wellington Florida and the surrounding area assisting home buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with all of their real estate needs.

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