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Marco Island Real Estate Market Conditions

Marco Island Real Estate Market Conditions

Of course you're aware of the general aspects of the Florida real estate market, but, if you're going to buy or sell, you'll want to learn the specifics.  More precisely, you'll want to know what the current state of the Marco Island market is and if you can get some insider information, even better.

Collapse? Correction? What happened?  I refer to it as a market "collapse" because prices got slashed to what they were a decade ago.  It's hard to call it a correction.  Ten percent is a correction - half price is a collapse.  Fortunately, by all accounts, it's over. Now,  I think many would agree that the Marco Island market and the Florida market for that matter, is over-sold - way over-sold.  If not for the current broader economic uncertainty, prices would be much higher already.  This is great if you're a buyer.  The window at the bottom has been open much longer that it would normally be in a recession.

Every month, we take a look at the stats and give away a little inside information in a report we email to our clients.  Getting on the list is easy.  Just drop us a note below and you'll receive monthly stats and information that'll make you confident in your next transaction.

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