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Florida Condos For Sale

Florida Condos For Sale

Many dreams are fulfilled with the purchase of a Florida condo.  Whether you have fantasies of St. Augustine, Siesta Key, Miami or Marco Island, a condo in Florida will open up a new life for you.  Gone are winters that consist of shovelling snow and freezing your tail off.  No more slipping around in your car.  Heck, it pretty much doesn't even rain here in the winter.  Condos for sale in Florida are at rock-bottom prices too.  

If you do your due diligence and investigate a few Florida cities, you'll find that they are all different. In fact, they are fundamentally different from one another.  The first and most obvious distinction is between the east and west coasts of Florida.  The vibes of the two halves are entirely two different things.  I guess it starts with the difference between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  The Atlantic is rough and choppy on most days and the Gulf is usually serene.  You'll find an occasional surfer on the east coast but there are rarely waves on the west. The sand is snow-white on the west coast and tan on the east.  The beaches are often big and broad on the west coast and skinny on the east.  Because the east coast had its growth spurt earlier than the west, the towns seem old and a little grungy.  I guess you're starting to see why I chose the west coast when I moved here.

Besides the differences between the east and west halves, each town is unique even if they seem similar initially.  Tampa and Clearwater are urban and busy.  Of course Miami is a world city with all that comes with it.  Daytona is almost a time machine back to the 70s. Then you get to Naples and Marco Island.  After exploring every little nook of Florida,  we finally arrived here and were blown away. Palm trees swaying in the gentle wind, the best restaurants and shopping centers, the nicest people  - Southwest Florida is like no other place in the world.  Most people that live in this wonderful spot have arrived here after their own personal searches for the best place in Florida to live.

Don't take our word for it.  Plan a visit to Marco Island and see for yourself.  You can't get in your car or on your bike without crossing a picturesque bridge.  Crime? What crime?  There is literally no end to the fun activities from which to choose.  The island suits couch potatoes just fine too.  Lounging around your pool overlooking a canal is not a bad way to pass the time.

A Marco Island condo may be just what you need.  Give us a call to explore the great options that await you.